WPBook Install Instructions 2.0 or Prior

NOTE: These are the instuctions for WPBook 2.0 or before. These instructions are not actively updated and are provided for reference only. If you are using  WPBook prior to 2.1 we suggest you upgrade. You will find the 2.1+ documentation here.

Due to WPBook providing robust functionality, it is admittedly quite complex to setup.

These instructions break the tasks up in to the following steps:

  1. Basic Facebook Application Setup and Plugin Activation
  2. Add to Profile / Tabs
  3. Publishing Excerpts to Facebook Wall(s)
  4. Import Comments from Facebook Wall(s)

These instructions also contain reference screenshots for major settings; if you’re still unable to configure WPBook, please post in the support forum.

Be sure to tag all request with the tag “WPBook” and to provide links to your Facebook application, your WordPress blog url, and specific information about where you’re having trouble.

Ready? Great!